Cheap Laptops

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Cheap Laptops

If mobile computing needs are fairly simple, like checking email, surfing the web, and chatting online, a cheap laptop is an economical way to meet the need. Laptop deals abound in stores and online, waiting for the budget-minded to snap them up. Here is some information on cheap laptops and what can be expected of them.


Don’t expect cheap notebook laptops to run all the latest programs at blazing speeds. These computers usually have slower processors and limited RAM, making them take longer to accomplish most tasks. The possible exception to this is the Chromebooks, which operate using the Google Chrome operating system. These laptops boot quickly and perform many simple tasks with decent speed.


Video watching will severely tax almost any laptops under 200 dollars. Inexpensive laptops do not have discrete graphics cards and may provide for a choppy video. The same goes for gaming. Only the simplest games will run well on a cheap laptop.


A low price laptop can be a good choice for web surfing, as most websites are not tremendously extensive. When looking for the best laptop deals, make sure to check out the WiFi protocol that the computer uses. Laptops with the most recent protocols will generally improve internet speed.


A budget laptop is not going to have an enormous screen. Fifteen inches is pretty much the maximum size to be expected from a cheap notebook. It is a good idea to choose one with a screen of at least 12 inches. This allows the computer to have a full size keyboard, making typing easier.

Operating System

For a laptops best buy, consider choosing one with a slightly older operating system. Few budget laptops run Windows 8, as cheap laptops do not usually have touchscreens. A good move would be to find a cheap laptop with either Windows 7 or Windows XP installed. Both are stable operating systems that can run smoothly on cheaper systems.


Finally, while there are some well built cheap notebooks out there, sometimes things that are cheap are built cheap. Make sure to get a decent warranty with a company that has a good reputation for customer service. Even though they are inexpensive, it is still frustrating to have problems with a budget laptop and receive poor assistance.