Advantages and Drawbacks of Netflix Subscriptions

Several companies today offer streaming video and movies through the Internet or an Internet-connected device (like a BLU-ray player or a television), but the largest selection for streaming content definitely comes from Netflix. The company also offers a number of DVD rental plans in case the streaming option doesn’t offer enough content for a subscriber.

Requiring a high-speed Internet connection (for streaming) or a DVD/BLU-ray player for disc delivery, subscription plans offer access to tens of thousands of movies, documentaries, and television shows. One of the highlights of the service is the copious amount of television shows that arrive at swiftly after debut on network or cable television.

Almost Everything on Television Ends Up on Netflix

A popular activity for subscribers is the “seasonal binge” where a user will stream an entire season of a television show in a single sitting either from the Netflix login on their computer, or through the television interface on their HDTV or BLU-ray player. In addition to removing the wait a person might go through to see the next episode, there are zero commercials with this style of viewing.

HBO Content Unavailable

A stingy company with its content, HBO does not offer its series to Netflix for streaming. HBO has long operated under the premise that its content was a premium type of entertainment. Although streaming options do exist for current subscribers of HBO (which requires a cable television subscription), there are no indications that series like “Game of Thrones” or “True Blood” will be available for streaming through the Netflix home page in the near future.

New Releases Often on DVD Only

The primary drawback of the service and its well-priced streaming plan (under $8 per month) is that there are very few wide releases featured in the queue. Upon Netflix sign in, a user might see all sorts of new releases ready to be put into the “my queue” listing, but often those movies aren’t available unless a user has chosen a subscription plan that offers DVD rentals. Each month, just a few big-budget films are available for instant streaming while the bulk of well-known, recent movies arrive on DVD only.

DVD Plans are Inexpensive

Even though the most well-known Netflix movies are often only available through a DVD subscription; there is a plan of less than $8 a month for unlimited rentals. The plan allows one disc delivered at a time. A user may also pay for up to 3 DVDs out simultaneously with an additional monthly fee required.

Television lovers and people who want lots of content for a low price would do well to consider the streaming plan. Users who would want access to major Hollywood movies would need to consider adding a DVD rental plan to a subscription.