The Importance of Home Security

Understanding the Necessity of Home Security

According to statistics on burglary, about one in every 40 homes will be broken into in a given year. This results in a loss of over $1500 for each occurrence, not to mention the psychological stress due to such events.

The general consensus of the public does not help matters much. People tend to think of burglary as a “lesser crime,” since no one is usually hurt. However, some burglars do assault people if they are caught unaware by the owner who catches him in the act. Likewise, burglary is a crime that hurts the victims because of the loss of a sense of security, when they realize someone has broken into their own home, where they once felt secure. A sense of violation is present as victims scramble to understand what happened, and they try to replace valuable belongings.

The importance of home security has increased more than ever before. With the continuing reminders of violence everywhere, it has become more important than ever for people to take steps to make their homes secure, and to protect their loved ones and possessions. There have been more incidents of gun violence in the schools in the past 10 years than in all the previous years put together and home break-ins have become common place. More stories in the media featuring gun violence remind us daily of the increasing dangers.

A study was done several years ago in Oklahoma City, regarding break-ins in a prominent suburb of Oklahoma City. In one particular area, 10 houses were broken into within a short time, causing citizens to go on the alert to solve the problem. Consulting with local authorities, they developed a “neighborhood crime watch” organization, and met regularly to discuss a plan of action. It was decided that they would install home security systems in some of the houses where the owners could afford to do so, and in the houses that didn’t have security systems, they would instead hang a sign that said, “Eagle Security System installed,” or something to that effect.

The results were interesting. Over the next few months, only 1 house was attempted to be broken into of the 10 houses they studied. It was the only one who forgot to hang a security sign on the window, alerting intruders of a security system, even though, in some cases, no such system existed.

This was enlightening in many ways. First, it meant that, if burglars believe there is a home monitoring system, they will think twice about breaking in. Also, they tend to avoid homes where they believe there is a home monitoring or house alarm installed, even if no such system existed. And finally, if they do decide to risk it, if an actual security system is installed on the property, the authorities would be notified immediately, and the perpetrator would likely be arrested.

This study, and others like it, showed the importance of installing a home security device in a house, and how potential criminals view it as well. Burglars depend on the element of surprise, and they hope to get in and out of your house without incident with their loot. If they know, or at least think there is a home security system installed, they are not usually going to take that chance.

There are a number of good home security devices on the market today which will do the job. The most important thing is to decide to get one in place, so that loved ones and valuables will be safe. You will no longer have to worry about possessions while you are away if such a system is in place. It will be well worth the money you will spend getting one installed and in place for years to come.

Another important point to make is that the Bureau of Statistics reported recently that burglaries have decreased in the United States since 1973 by over 20%. However, an understanding of how crimes are reported and archived tells the real story. While actual burglaries may have decreased, more violent crimes which are related to burglary have increased. This means that crimes which once would have been considered a burglary only are now considered armed robberies, putting them in the more serious offense category. This makes it seem break-ins are less probable. Really what this means is that if you do experience a break-in, it will be involving someone with a gun, rather than someone unarmed, making the need for home security even more important than ever before.

It is often said that you can replace things, but not people. This is certainly true. However, with a wireless security system acting like a watch dog for your domain, you can protect both. All you have to do to know the importance of having such a system in place is to watch the nightly news. Violent crimes, shootings, and robberies are on the rise, even if the statistics seem to point to the idea that burglary in general is decreasing.

A wireless security system solves the problem of endless worry and concern about one’s personal safety, or the safety of loved ones and possessions. A little investment now and a bit of inconvenience for a house alarm system is a small price to pay for knowing your home is protected at all times from intruders. The world is changing, and to stay safe we must protect what is rightfully ours, without living in fear of others and their misguided motives.

There is no reason not to have a security system installed in your home. The only thing you will lose is your fear, and all you will gain will be your peace of mind.