Get All the Telecommunications Services You Need from One Company

Verizon is a one-stop solution for high tech telecommunication services. Some of their services are for residential consumers while others are designed for business use, but there are many services that can be taken advantage of by everyone.

Verizon home services for residential consumers include Internet access, television and telephone products. Bundled together, Verizon offers what they call FiOS, and this package includes all three major telecommunication products. However, although you can select all three services, it is only necessary to select either Internet or the phone service to compliment the television service.

There are four different packages available at this time. The Select HD package includes 145 television channels and at least 30 high definitions channels. The Prime HD package gives you 210 channels with a minimum of 55 high definition channels. The next step up is the Extreme HD package and is the most popular among Verizon customers. This package includes 290 channels along with at least 75 high definition channels. The most exhaustive offering is called the Ultimate HD package and gives you a minimum of 385 channels with at least 110 HD channels.

Other services provided with your television package are more than 50,000 titles in the Video On Demand library. Both your iPad and Xbox 360 are integrated in the system, so you can watch television on both devices. SmartTV and Blu-ray players can also be integrated as well.

FiOS Quantum is the fastest Internet connection you will find. With speeds of 50 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload, you will not be limited by bandwidth as you surf the web. You will be able to download your favorite movies in high definition, play your favorite online video games and stream video to your favorite devices. Your Verizon account will include an email that you can check online with a Verizon login user name and password.

Once you have purchased a package, you will be able to go to
to get the latest news about telecommunication products as well as other press releases from the company. Once you have completed the Verizon sign in page, you will also be able to pay your bill online.

The first step you need to take is to go to and check which products are available in your area. Although they can be found across the country, there are some locations where availability is limited. You will only need to enter your zip code to get this information.